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Jenny Bond is a senior reporter for Pressat's world news desk. Previously wrote for major national newspapers in Europe, more specifically France. Jenny has also spent time as a sub editor for Reach Plc.

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Sports betting and online gaming in front of the next big market...

Sports betting and online gaming in front of the next big market opportunity Gaming and betting around esports present a much bigger market... read more

02.04.2020 • By Jenny Bond

The “Robin Hood” of energy suppliers is urging Southampton-based...

An ethical energy brand developed by Southampton City Council is urging residents to switch their gas and energy supplier. Dubbed as the... read more

25.04.2019 • By Jenny Bond

Danger on two wheels: Cyclist deaths are on the rise in Germany

Newly-released figures are sure to prove a cause for concern for Germany’s avid cyclists. According to provisional data from the Federal... read more

02.04.2019 • By Jenny Bond

Major iPhone bug lets you snoop on iPhone users

A major bug has been discovered in the Apple iPhone FaceTime app which allows anyone to listen into the person their calling even if don’t... read more

29.01.2019 • By Jenny Bond

Mexico’s most lucrative fruit has a dark side

Avocados have made world headlines for many reasons over the last decade. From millennials spending more because of their penchant need for... read more

03.12.2018 • By Jenny Bond

Scientists invent self healing tyres

Punctures could be a thing of the past after a group of scientists from Harvard University have invented tyres that can identify and repair... read more

21.09.2017 • By Jenny Bond

These robotic bartenders will make you the perfect Mojito

Introverts who prefer machines to humans will be pleased to know that a Las Vegas bar has recently introduced robotic bartenders. Whether you... read more

25.07.2017 • By Jenny Bond

Vodafone scraps roaming charges for 40 countries

Vodafone today has removed roaming charges for customers across 40 countries including popular holiday destinations such as Turkey, France,... read more

12.04.2017 • By Jenny Bond

Can Samsung put out the flames with the new Galaxy S8?

Samsung hopes to extinguish the flames with the new Galaxy S8 after withdrawing the Galaxy Note 7 last October due to the devices battery randomly... read more

04.04.2017 • By Jenny Bond

You can now get fried chicken from your posty

The New Zealand postal service has started delivering Kentucky Fried Chicken in an aim to counter revenue losses as the number of people using the... read more

04.04.2017 • By Jenny Bond

Ultra rare pink diamond fetches 71 million dollars

Sotheby's auction house broke a world record on Tuesday selling a giant 59.60-carat Pink diamond for over $70 million dollars in Hong Kong.... read more

04.04.2017 • By Jenny Bond